Visit to the land of Lion King of India

Gujarat is not much talked about tourist place, never had any plans of visiting it. It was always either mystic Himalayan ranges or deserts and palaces of Rajasthan as publicized by the media always inspired us. Even Amithabh Bacchan's words never made such an impact to take Gujarat so seriously. But somehow this trip just happened over a lunch time discussion at office. And I should say it was worthy trip to explore this untouched and rustic place. After we came back from the vacation I realize lot of people find the place quite appealing, wanted more details about Kutch or Gir.  So I thought I would resume my forgotten blogging medium to communicate more details about the it.

Our journey started off from Bangalore to Ahmadabad in a flight. A taxi takes us from airport till Dasada in little Rann of Kutch area to the resort, Rann Riders. After the stay there for 2 nights, we hired an Innova till Sasan, Gir forest area to Club Mahindra resort which was around 330km away. Finally, t…

About 2009.......

Finally, again I am blogging.....Someone told me that any time pass blogger would give up within a year. I was skeptical about me being one of them. As time passed, I just couldn't take time off for blogging. Again asked someone else, would it take another overseas trip for me write blog? Well, may be, but I didn't wanted that to happen. Another trip, yes, but waiting till it happens to write a blog??!! No. I was suppose to be enjoying the whole thing....Huh so here I am giving hard time to my laptop keyboard.

Ok, so year 2009 has passed by, no not that I didn't realize it till today. Just that I wanted to share some thoughts about it, even though people have come out new year's party hangover long back and settled in 2010.
Well, I read a lot during last few weeks of December in newspapers and manginess about top 10 this and top 10 that for the year. Not everything really mattered to me so I thought why shouldn't I write about some of those top issues directly had …

Tasmania, island of inspiration :)

At least it has inspired me to write this blog at least....

Anyway I am back after a break, just taking to time to settle back into my old world. No I didn't stop my story of Tasmania half way. And yes of course as I mentioned earlier, we did have a great trip. We'll be extra cautions to make sure any such travel plan gets executed seamlessly unlike a project in office....right?:)

Well, we started our journey on a Saturday morning flight, with an initial hiccups of flight getting delayed leaving Shreya bored and frustrated. Reached Hobart an hour late anticipating a big airport with lots of Cafe's to fill our morning,hungry stomach. But the 'look and feel' was EXACTLY same as Managalore airport + a sniffer dog :). So before we realized we were picking up our rented car started our Tasmania journey. Just by the knowledge of not having GPS in the car we felt kind of lost and then actually lost our way inside Hobart city. I was suppose the be holding the map and guiding…

Project Tasmania - The Planning

Story about this trip is incomplete if I don't mention about preparation of it. I spent so much of my vacation time on it, it almost had become mini project to me.

I had read about Tasmania long back in Outlook Traveller. Somehow I had decided that time I will visit that place sometime in life, though I not was pretty sure about where exactly it is placed on the map. My geography knowledge is as bad as any other subject.

Though I knew Australia was a great travel destination I didn't know anything other than Great Barrier Reef there. I took a first look at the map of Australia in when Prasanna was in Melbourne and it was finally decided that I'll join him. Tasmania which looked quite near to Melbourne than Sydney caught my eye.

I knew even after multiple blackmail and pestering, Prasanna would settle for not more than 2 long weekends, forget about a whole weeks off. Though I didn't get much time kick start my project Australia, I had dropped all …

Shreya starts talking!!

I completely agree with all who mentioned to me earlier about the 'learning talk' is a best phase of kid's growing. This is the phase Shryea is in right now...trying to converse with 2-3 words putting together. It has been really good to spend whole day listening to her complaints, explanations and giving her own version of trips, outings.

Last month when we started from India, she was able to speak most of the daily use words, mostly Kannada, few English, only a word at a time. She was not showing much interest in combining these words or making a conversation.

During our first week of stay here, one day when I was making her dinner she started saying 'Kurchi mele kothkondu' (I'll have food sitting on the chair), taking us by surprise. Slowly each day there were more sentences started getting added up. Then she started with her favorite rhymes, 'Teddy bear teddy bear turn around', it has become 'Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn nanana round'.... then…

City of Melbourne Through My Eyes

Before leaving from Bangalore I didn't have any particular expectation on this city. I always thought it would be like yet another international city, never expected much of character like European cities. Nor I expected it to be that cosmopolitan. Though Australia was always my dream country to visit, Melbourne never placed itself in my list of dream cities, which has names like London(now off the list after visiting :)), Paris, Vienna, Zurich etc.

This city turned out to be a pleasant surprise to me and places itself as one of the best cities I have ever visited, may be next to Jerusalem. It is scenic, cosmopolitan, laid back, friendly place to be in. It has a unique identity which cannot be found in any other place in the world, I am not sure about the other cities in Australia itself. I am yet to explore at least another one.

Scenic Beauty
First impression is not necessarily be the best impression. Didn't get a very good feeling about the city on the night we reached, may bec…

My experiment with food

I never enjoyed cooking much during initial days after marriage. Every evening I tried hard on being creative, not in cooking but finding a reason not to cook. Having said that I am a big fan of good food.
It is only couple of years since I finally started to enjoy cooking, that too only during weekends. I even used to collect recipes from my mother, sister, aunts, and Internet. May be it was only that I was in search of good homely food more than the joy of cooking in itself.

Lately I seldom got my hands dirty in kitchen other than preparing Shreya's food, courtesy, my cook. I never bothered to take additional pain in keeping culinary skills up to date. I regret it only after my cookery knowledge is put to test with this trip of mine to Australia.

First day in the kitchen was quite a messy business. I could hardly come to terms with little things, may not be fully because of the new kitchen. Some could be because I lost touch of finer details of cooking. To mention a few, pouring bo…